Sunday, January 01, 2012

People on the Internet: Save Henry's Tacos


I love my gringo tacos and I kinda love Henry's. But some people really love Henry's Tacos which I understand. Henry's is like the valley's version of Tito's Tacos. People who haven't grown up with them wonder what what the deal is and people who have grown up with them wonder what the deal is with people who haven't grown up with them.I'm weird because I grew up a mile from Tito's but can't stomach their tacos and only found out about Henry's when I started this blog and I can stomach like 5 of these bad boys.

Anyways, a jerk of a landlord is threatening not to renew Henry's lease and people on the internet and off the internet are mad . Grubstreet LA has a the low down:

Following the news that 50-year-old Henry's Tacos is struggling with its upcoming lease negotiations and could be lost to L.A. forever, Thrillist editor Jeff Miller is taking a stand, vowing not to take a loss of Henry's sitting down. The San Fernando Valley native is organizing irate chowhounds into "Occupy Tujunga," what he calls "a very loose coalition of taco eaters dedicated to going to Henry's and eating tacos in protest."
more at Grubstreet LA

Sign the Save Henry's Tacos Petition


  1. Join the movement to save Historic LA Landmark Henry's Tacos. Thank you!

  2. Very true. Grew up with it! Love it! Save Henry's!

  3. Your tips are remarkable. I regularly read your blog and its very helpful.


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