Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Taco of the Year - Tacos Leo's Al Pastor


Tacos Leo busted on to the LA taco scene in 2010 slinging ridiculously good tacos al pastor. With perfectly seasoned pork that was shaved from the rotating spit then topped with a snippet of pineapple from a skilled taquero, Tacos Leo mesmerized the LA taco eating public. The euphoria however was short lived, as the city, jealous of the attention Tacos Leo was getting, decided to shut down the trompo.

But Tacos Leo is a survivor and quickly adapted by only serving al pastor outside of the truck on the weekends when the city could care less about their taco ordinances. Soon, harmony between the city and the populace was restored. Now even the police man eats at Tacos Leo.

Tacos Leo's al pastor! your 2011 taco of the year!


  1. Yeah Right. There is better Al Pastor. The only thing good about them is the guy cutting the pineaple and catching them with the taco.

  2. Sigh, can I be your best friend? I want some tacossss.


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