Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Danny's Tacos - Downtown LA


It’s a strange thing keeping a blog. Because even though you can see how many people visit your blog, you never really know how many people actually read your blog, or if anyone actually reads it at all. How many read the whole article? How many just look at the photos? How many typed in something dirty before taco and ended up here? Today I checked my blog stats and so far this month I’ve had 975 hits from Ukraine. I know, Ukraine is weak; it’s a sitting duck.

I walked from my office to the corner of Olympic and Grand. That’s where Danny’s taco truck has parked for years now. And yet I’ve strangely never been. Why is this? Give me some vague coordinates of a taco truck in East LA and I’m on it. But tell me about a taco truck I work five minutes from and you’ll have to twist my arm for months.

tacos $1.25 each

So I finally went. I ordered three tacos: chorizo, carnitas, and carne asada. The tortillas were homemade which was good. The salsa roja had some heat to it as well. But they weren’t great tacos. The meat was average. The chorizo was your typical sad state of affairs, greasy and pointless. The carnitas was dry and the carne asada bland. The orange soda really hit the spot though.

While walking back to my office I got a text from a friend asking if I had plans for the night. I said I didn't and he replied back asking if I wanted to look for an outlaw taco cart that sets up outside a church somewhere in City Terrace in East LA. Of course I said yes.


1000 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90015
Neighborhood: Downtown


  1. ooh! you MUST go back late-night, when the al pastor is cut straight off the spit with a little bit of pineapple on top. i JUST tried it for the first time this saturday, and it was SO good i made the trek out again sunday night to get it. sadly the al pastor wasn't spinning (this was around 8pm) so maybe it's only super late night?

  2. I agree with the previous post.
    Not sure what happens there during the day but at night they must fight taco crime.
    Al pastor is pretty good.

  3. thanks for the heads up. I'll try this truck again at night.

  4. Some of those web visits from Taiwan are from me. Yes, I do read all the articles, so I can plan my taco stops during my yearly LA trips. This site is my taco lifeline! Although I prefer the TJ style ones with a nice helping of guac...

  5. Also they have a few different trucks. Could quality vary? We liked the one on Abbot Kinney. http://vimeo.com/21038370

  6. Like you, I appreciate good food and better ingredients. I have created a Pig Infographic at : http://www.cellpig.com/pig-facts explaining why they are so delicious and under appreciated. I was wondering if you minded sharing it on your blog to help spread the word? The embed code is at the bottom.


  7. San Marcos Mexican Grill
    5937 Hazeltine Ave, Sherman Oaks, CA, United States, 91401

  8. I feel the same way about metrics. Supposedly, my blog is big in Russia. Right.

  9. Yes people read your blog oh great one. I was a die hard reader of your first taco truck blog. I spent many a bleak day in the taco wasteland of Detroit living vicariously through your tour of LA nirvana. Sadly I don't make it to this blog as often as before, but when I do each description is a morsel of goodness, like eating that little gem of an Al Pastor taco and finishing it with an ice cold beer.

  10. "typed in something dirty before taco" Priceless!

  11. Well I've only just stumbled across this blog - but you'll probably start seeing some stats from the Czech Republic now :) It's damn hard to find a good taco in Prague.

  12. Great blog, Any stats from Malaysia? I'm an expat staying in Malaysia looking for the perfect taco. So far I've had to rely heavily on my own own recipes. I look forward to reading your blog...


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