Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tacos Los 3 Potrillos - City Terrace


It’s late at night in East LA where it seems you can find taco trucks on every street corner. This is City Terrace, the gateway to the real east los. I think this is where Hector from Morrissey’s “First of the Gang to Die” stayed. Maybe not, but I’m sure the home for the blind is somewhere around here.


I ordered chorizo, asada, and al pastor. The tacos came topped with cilantro, minced onion, and medium spiced salsa roja. My favorite was the chorizo; it had real bits of sausage unlike most places. The al pastor was surprisingly good considering no trompo. The asada was solid with no fatty bits to ruin the day. They don’t re-invent the taco here but these are classic LA tacos. They come on the plate hot and greasy with a salsa with some nice pop. For extra heat you can ask for a jalapeno.


Tacos Los 3 Potrillos
2800 Wabash Ave (@ N Forest)
90063, East LA

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  1. Tako trucks are great!! Thank you for your work!


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