Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cemitas Poblanas Juniors - East LA


I’m officially addicted to tacos arabes. And I probably haven’t even had a proper traditional one yet. But the tacos arabes I have been eating from Cemitas Poblanas Juniors(Olympic Blvd and Rowan Ave,East LA) are all the tradition I need.


The pork is stir fried with onions in a light sauce then wrapped into a flour tortilla. And that’s it. No salsa, no cilantro, no rice; nothing else. These are like burritos and at $2.50 each they are a bargain.


I ordered a carne asada taco and a taco arabe. A mole type salsa came on the plate. I assumed it was for the taco arabe. The carne asada was decent but an afterthought after I bite into the taco arabe. After a few bites I drizzled some of the mole on to the taco arabe. It was okay but I preferred the simplicity of just the pork and onions.



I ordered a couple more tacos arabe. These ones were piping hot and required a tricky dance to get through. But they were beautiful and with the sun in my face and a cold bottle of Mexican coke I must have been the envy of every car passing by.

Cemitas Poblanas Juniora
Olympic Blvd and Rowan Ave,East LA
tacos $1
tacos arabes $2.50


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  1. Bandini, what is your rating for Cemitas Ploblanas Juniors?

  2. Peter in Berlin9/18/11, 1:42 AM

    The LA Times recently ran an interesting story on Tamale wagons in LA a century ago´:,0,244825.story

  3. Yes what is your rating cuz those taco/burrito things look AWESOME!!!!!!

  4. oh sorry! rating 3.5 . very good tacos arabes!

  5. yeah i read the piece. good stuff!


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