Monday, July 18, 2011

Tacos El Tito - Gardena


In two days time I head to New York for a week to put NYC on notice. But I’m still in Los Angeles so I thought it wouldn’t be right to leave the city without one last taco report. The truth is I’ve been eating tacos like a mad man the last few months and have a ridiculous amount of photos and notes waiting to be shaped into blog form. I should have been blogging like a mad man but instead I just stare at the blank screen and listen to Arcade Fire.

Tacos El Tito is a little taco trailer that parks at the corner of Vermont and 167 St in Gardena. In a neighborhood with very few street taco options El Tito is pretty consistent. The first time I ate at El Tito I was pretty sure they overcharged me. But this time I made sure they knew I was from the Internet and I was only charged $1 a taco.

The tacos came packed with meat on two medium sized tortillas. The al pastor wasn’t cut from the spit and was pretty forgettable.. The asada and the chicken (yes chicken) though were more my fancy. The asada for simple reasons; the greasy beef with the onions and chile salsa was just a classic LA taco. The beef may not have been of the highest quality but the salsa roja had enough punch to make me reach for my cold bottle of Mexican coke.


I never order chicken from a taco truck but I got a tip from a source that said El Tito makes a pretty good chicken taco. It was the same source that tipped me on Tacos Tamix, one of LA’s best al pastor spits. The pollo, a taco made of shredded chicken tinga had great flavor. Chicken tinga is a rarity at LA taco trucks. If you’re at El Tito skip the al pastor for the pollo.


The bowls of nopales and habanero, cucumber and red onions on the table looked a bit peculiar and out of place. For someone that eats from taco trucks I can be neurotic about something as simple as where a bowl is placed. If these garnishes were in tubs next to the salsas on the trailer I likely would have had some. But there was something grimy about them and the lone cucumber that had escaped that made me wary.

Well there you have it my friends. One last LA taco blog post before I head off to NYC to take the town by storm. Are you ready NYC? Can you handle this shit? You lucky bastards. Think of me as the Howard Dean of tacos. We’re going to be all over this town. We’re going to Manhattan, we’re going to Brooklyn! To Queens! We’re going to Hells Kitchen! To East Village! We’re going to the Bronx ! We’re going to Harlem and then we’re going to need lots of toilet paper!! Raaaaaaaaawwwwwr!!!!


Tacos El Tito
16702 S. Vermont Ave
Gardena, CA 90247
tacos $1

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