Friday, May 27, 2011

Tacos Tuzo - Pico Union


About five years ago I tried a truck at this location called Los Panchitos. Recently I saw that a truck called Tacos Tuzo had taken its place. Could it be Los Panchitos with a new name? Back then I thought the tacos at Los Panchitos were serviceable, but I’m more in tune with what I like these days. In the early stages of the blog I think I liked everything.


There aren’t many weekday daytime taco trucks in Pico Union. There’s Tacos Celeya at Washington and Union but that’s the only other one that comes to mind. The holy trinity of King Taco, El Taurino, and El Parian may scare them away. Or maybe it is the pinche babosos from LADOT that keep ticketing the loncheros.


Tacos Tuzo serves barbacoa with tortillas hecha a mano on the weekends starting at 7am. There aren’t that many things that will get me out of bed at 7am on the weekend and barbacoa is not one of them. Maybe someone who knows their regional barbacoa can affirm the authenticity here but I barely know a good taco so I won’t even try.



I could tell the standard tacos weren’t the specialty of this truck. The carne asada was pretty dry and the al pastor tasted like it had been bathed in pineapple juice. Neither salsa particularly overwhelmed me either; the roja was a little too tart and the salsa verde didn’t seem to have any chile in it at all. The tortillas didn’t help either; they weren’t hecha a mano (they save those for the barbacoa) and they tasted like they were pulled right from the bag with very little grill time.

I needed some heat so after the tacos I asked for a jalapeno, chomped it, then downed my grape soda. The tacos were a disappointment but it was a good jalapeno.


Tacos Tuzo
1323 Venice Blvd
90006 Pico Union
Los Angeles
tacos $1.25 each

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  1. Sounds like you may have missed out by not trying the barbacoa? Were they out?

  2. was a weekday and they only have it saturday and sunday

  3. yum yum its so delicious

  4. the barbacoa is very good i recomend you to eat there


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