Monday, May 09, 2011

Tacos San Marcos - Panorama City


Tacos San Marcos parks in a church parking lot off Rayen and Sepulveda in Panorama City. I found this truck one night when I was looking for another truck on Nordhoff. Someone emailed me that there are a couple trucks in Nordhoff that sling some tasty tacos. They gave no names and only vague coordinates but I was eager to fill up some the map with valley taco trucks so I went for it.


I ordered asada, al pastor ,suadero and a bottle of fruit punch jarritos. The condiment bins were fully stocked with three salsas : verde, roja, and an orange-ish tomatillo salsa. They had red onions instead of white or yellow onions, which was different. The cilantro bin was separate from the onions; I prefer when they are mixed together.


It was real dark on the parking lot and the wind was really kicking up. At one point one of my tacos flew off the plate and some salsa got on my shirtsleeve. It was fine though; it was the suadero, which I wasn’t enjoying anyway. The salsas were real good though, and even though the carne asada, which was pulverized into tiny bits, wasn’t of the best quality, I still ended up getting two more.

Tacos San Marcos is a truck that caters to mostly locals. When I was waiting to order I overheard the girl on the phone writing down a large to go order. Many of your taco trucks now take orders by phone. The phone number isn’t public or written on the truck but locals find out about it.


Tacos San Marcos
Rayen and Sepulveda
Panorama City

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