Friday, April 08, 2011

Kike's Tacos - Downtown LA


Kike’s (short for Enrique, and pronounced Kee-Kay) has been slinging tacos at the corner of 2nd and Beaudry for over a decade; first from a makeshift taco cart, and now in a legit taco truck. On busy nights the sidewalk cart makes an appearance and everything is grilled outside the truck. On these occasions the tacos have an extra pop to them.


tacos $1 each

I ordered chorizo, asada, and al pastor. The tacos came hot and ready to be garnished from the tubs of salsas and condiments they have on ice. The salsa roja had good spice to it; the verde was a little too mild. There wasn’t much difference between the al pastor and chorizo. The meats were diced up finely enough that any weaknesses were lost under the salsa, onions and cilantro. Of the three, the asada was the best, though what makes these tacos taste good is the savorous broth of meat grease, onions and salsa. Before you know it, you’ve knocked back half a dozen of these little guys, and the taco critic inside you lets it slide that they may not be perfect tacos. They just taste good.

It’s hard to argue for Kike’s with the excellent Mexicali Taco & Co just a block away. But sometimes the craving for that cheap LA street taco calls, and Kike’s always answers.

Kike's Tacos
2nd St & Beaudry Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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  1. didn't go for the throat tacos, eh? that was the one that really jumped out at me. only because i've never had it.

    very nice find.......ESPECIALLY because the tacos are a buck! holler.


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