Monday, March 28, 2011

Top 20 Taco Truck Rankings for 3/11


The Taco Truck Rankings are now expanded to include 20 trucks and for the first time since the rankings were started back in November we have a new #1. Mariscos Jalisco debuts on the list with a perfect score of 5.0 with 18 votes having been cast. This is a pretty incredible score and it will be interesting to see if they can maintain their lead over El Chato, who continues to stand firm at 4.8. El Chato held the #1 spot for almost 5 months. Elsewhere in the top 10, Tacos Leo dropped from 3rd to 7th and La Golondrina jumped two spots to #6. Taco Zone saw the biggest drop, going from 7th to 16th.Kogi remains the only gourmet truck to make the list. The other gourmet trucks have not received enough votes. In order to be ranked a truck must receive at least 10 votes.

Congrats to Mariscos Jalisco for the perfect score! Those tacos dorados are winning hearts and minds all over the city.

1. Mariscos Jalisco 5.0 (18)

2. El Chato 4.8 (26)

3.El Taki Taco 4.5 (31)

4. El Matador 4.3 (16)

5. El Tauro Tacos 4.3 (12)

6.La Golondrina (4.2 (12)

7. Tacos Leo 4.1 (27)

8. Tacos El Korita 4.1 (15)

9.Tacos Sinaloa 4.1 (14)

10. La Estrella 3.8 (18)

11.La Isla Bonita 3.8 (13)

12.Tacos Tamix 3.8 (11)

13.El Navagente 3.7 (11)

14.La Estrella- Eagle Rock 3.7 (10)

15.El Taquito Mexicano 3.6 (20)

16.Taco Zone 3.5 (21)

17.El Pique 3.5 (10)

18.Kogi 3.3 (20)

19.Ruben's Tacos 3.3 (13)

20.Tacos El Pecas 3.2 (17)


  1. Mariscos Jalisco is on a roll!

  2. It really is such a great taco. There is nothing like it and the owner, Raul, couldn't be nicer. The first bite is totally magical! Crispy, soothing and titillatingly savory all at once! Viva Mariscos Jalisco!


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