Friday, February 04, 2011

Tacos Alvarado - Canoga Park


In my quest to blog about every taco truck in LA I’ve resorted to pulling over to the side of the road whenever I see one. It doesn’t matter where I am or if I have just finished a pleasant meal with friends or family. If I see a taco truck the voice in my head screams,“all your taco trucks are belong to me!”

So I pulled up to Tacos Alvarado, a dimly lit taco wagon that was parked along a barren stretch of Sherman Way in Canoga Park. The shady clientele didn’t scare me off, nor did the thugs and their horrendous music blaring at extreme decibels from their car while they ate tacos next to the wagon. Nothing was going to deter me this night. By the way, I’m not sure there is anyone who I hold more contempt for than the person who thinks its okay to blast really loud base music from shitty speakers when they’re not even in their car. If you’re going to be rude at least play something good. Some Ludwig Van would have been okay with me. I wasn’t about to say anything to them. Can you imagine? “Hey fellas, turn the shitty music off, I’m trying to eat tacos”. “Certainly sir, I did not mean to disturb you”.

lengua, carne asada, al pastor $1.25 each

Tacos Alvarado has squeeze bottles of salsa, which I prefer over the open-air salsa tubs, but they also have do-it-yourself containers of onions and cilantro, which they place at the pick up window. The container couldn’t be at a worse place and I had to wait until a couple people finished garnishing their plates while my plate sat there waiting for me to pick it up.

lengua with salsa verde

The al pastor was quite poor; the crumbled bits of pork mixed with a gob of pork blubber and burnt crunchy bits made me yearn for the real deal. The carne asada was comparatively better, but suffered from an odd texture of finely chopped beef and clumps of beef that didn’t go under the knife at all. The lengua was funkier than I’m used to, but I’m far from a lengua expert, and most lengua I’ve had has been pretty funky. I probably haven’t experienced enough lengua to know what is good and what is bad. Maybe it’s all been bad or maybe its all been good and I just don’t like lengua. Nevertheless, this lengua had a lot of funk, and not the good Parliament-Funkadelic funk, but the bad I think I’m going to need medical attention if I take another bite funk.

These tacos left me unsatisfied and I contemplated driving around Canoga Park until I found another truck. I probably drove around for 10 minutes when I gave up. I didn’t have my notes with me and it was getting late.


Tacos Alvarado
20700 Sherman Way
tacos $1.25

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  1. :( Nothing around the West Valley

  2. I eat at Tacos Alvarado all the time and their food is the best. Nothing that this Blogger says in this article is true. In fact even the picture is outdated. Trust me if you eat their once you will go back for more. A+++ Food Guaranteed.

    1. My tacos just weren't very good. But hey, if you want to write a rebuttal to my post i'd be all for it. I'll post it on the front page. Just provide pictures of the tacos,the truck, and your review.

      email it to

  3. El Bandini has no street cred, he doesn't know whats good.

  4. Whaaa whaaaa. I've ate their too & its good. U should try it again.


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