Saturday, February 05, 2011

Taco Truck Rankings 2/5/11

El Chato still on top

Some major changes in the new Taco Truck Rankings. El Taki Taco jumps from #6 to #2 knocking Tacos Leo down to #3, and El Matador down to #4. Taco Zone makes their first appearance in the top 10 at #7 (Yes! hipsters read the blog).La Isla Bonita exits the top 10 with La Estrella moving down to the #10 spot. El Tauro jumps El Korita for the #4 spot, and Tacos Sinaloa drops down to #9. El Chato remains on top with a rating of 4.8. On the outside looking in is Tacos Tamix with an overall 4.9 rating but only 7 votes (10 vote minimum).

The list will be expanded to a top 25 once their are enough votes.

1. El Chato 4.8

2.El Taki Taco 4.5

3. Tacos Leo 4.3

4. El Matador 4.3

5. El Tauro Tacos4.3

6. Tacos El Korita 4.2

7. Taco Zone 4.1

8. La Golondrina 4.1

9. Tacos Sinaloa 4.0

10. La Estrella 3.8

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