Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Top 10 Taco Truck Rankings

El Chato takes the top spot

The votes have been tallied and the first edition of the top 10 rankings is in. If you have voted this month thanks for voting, and continue to register votes for trucks you have tried. Eventually the rankings will include 20 taco trucks. The rankings will be updated on the first Monday of each month.

To be eligible to make the list this first month a truck must have a minimum of 10 votes. If there is a tie the tiebreaker goes to the truck that has received the greatest # of votes.

There are some surprises here. I thought El Matador would have scored higher. Highland Park trucks made a good showing, but no La Estrella or El Pique. Venice voters proved to be a strong constituency with La Isla Bonita sneaking into the top 10.

Kogi makes the list as the sole gourmet truck.

El Chato and Tacos Leo are predictably sitting on top with El Chato taking the #1 spot.

1. El Chato 4.8

2. Tacos Leo 4.7

3. Tacos El Korita 4.2

4. El Tauro Tacos4.2

5. El Matador 4.1

6. El Taki Taco 4.0

7. Tacos Sinaloa 3.9

8. La Golondrina 3.9

9. Kogi 3.6

10. La Isla Bonita 3.6


  1. Wow this is truly an honor. Thanks to all our fans for making this possible and to greattacohunt.com for doing this. Keep up the great work. We love this website.

  2. thanks guys. keep making great tacos :)


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