Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Valentino's Taco Truck- Venice

(review #21 of the 30 taco trucks in 30 days challenge)


Valentino’s parks in the lot of a Smart and Final and the FOX Swap Meet on Lincoln Blvd in Venice. Technically I have never eaten at this taco truck but I did try them when they sold tacos out of a converted Dodge van. They were quite poor but I wondered if maybe a new truck had inspired some new taco making ability.

Valentino's before the makeover

Valentinos’s is owned by the same people who run the Carniceria of the same name. They must be seriously understaffed because there was nobody at the taco truck when I walked up to it and it wasn’t until about 5 minutes later someone came out of the Carniceria and hopped up into the truck to take my order. After taking my order and preparing my tacos they ran back into the Carniceria.


They have a full roster of meats to choose from but when a truck doesn’t seem like it’s that busy you’re better off going with what they sell most of. And with most trucks that’s carne asada. So I ordered two asada and since they didn’t have carnitas I went with chicharron.


The tacos came topped with an avocado salsa and a mild salsa roja. The chicharron tasted like drywall. This was seriously the oddest taco I’ve ever had. The texture was like pork flavored corn pops. It was horrendous.

don't I know you from somewhere?

The good thing about the carne asada was that it was fresh. It was hot and right off the grill. The salsas sort of masked it’s gaping deficiciencies - it’s lack of flavor, the amount of gristle. The citrus from the lime helped add some zip to the tacos. With it’s lack of seasoning and quite dull bite to it I wasn’t that displeased. When you’re eating on the hood of your car sometimes an average taco is good enough.

Would I eat at Valentino’s again? Probably not. Though the competition in the area leaves much to be desired there isn’t much quality here and one doesn’t get the sense that much attention is paid to what comes out of the truck.

2/5 for the carne asada

Valentino's Taco Truck
620 Lincoln Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

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  1. Bandini, have you tried the Angelica truck in front of the Smart and Final on Venice at Clarrington? I usually get a cemita, but the tacos are among the best on the west side.

  2. yeah they are just okay- asada a little rubbery - al pastor is crumbled with onions. I like the salsa though.

  3. yeah they are just okay- asada a little rubbery - al pastor is crumbled with onions. I like the salsa though.

  4. Try the carnitas. Just had them today... so succulent.

  5. Also, be sure to order them with avocado. That is key.

  6. I stopped here randomly last night. I got 5 tacos, 2 chicken, 2 carne asada, 2 lengua. They were all pretty lacking in almost every aspect including the crappy hot sauce. Well, at least their onions and cilantro on top were fresh.

  7. I like the goat burrito at this spot and the breakfast empanadas are the bomb.


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