Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tacos El Gordo - Sylmar

(review #23 of the 30 taco trucks in 30 days challenge)


I think Tacos El Gordo either implies that the tacos are gordo or the person selling the tacos is gordo. After getting my plate of tacos I was convinced it was the latter. But the only El Gordo I saw was a fat little Chihuahua staring at anyone lifting a taco from their plate. His begging was quite amateur (no big puppy dog eyes or lifting of the paw) but every now and then someone threw him a morsel or two (maybe the owner). He of course devoured it in seconds and was not satisfied. It only made him more eager and more buggy eyed. He was El Gordo if there ever was an el gordo. His little roly poly body shaped like a trompo.


I ordered suadero, carne asada and al pastor. Keeping with tradition of San Fernando Valley taco trucks my plate came topped with a pinto bean tostada. The bean tostada is a nice diversion and cleanses the palate between tacos. Some of the beans escaped the tostada and tried to hide in the tacos. Pretty dumb move beans. I’m the taco bandini not the bean tostada bandini. You would have had a better chance just staying put.

It was quite dark at Tacos El Gordo. The wagon parks on a stretch of Polk Ave where not much happens at night. Beyond the sidewalk and over the fence was just an eerie darkness. Across the street a grammar school, locked up and quiet. Patrons came by foot and car, mostly car, and parked along the long stretch of curb along Polk that seemed to go on and on. I found a spot about 30 yards from the truck.

suadero, asada, al pastor $1.49 each

Overall the tacos were solid ; the asada was finely chopped with no funny bits or unwanted fat, the suadero was tender and juicy and the best taco of the three. The al pastor was shaved from the trompo then given quick treatment on the grill. The pork had a nice crunch to it and wasn’t mixed with onions which was good. Both salsas were excellent - the verde was a tad spicier than the salsa roja and with more complex flavor to it. But here’s the kicker - they tacos were $1.49 each which is kind of a cheeky price for a taco from a taco truck. These were not big tacos by any means - they were your average small taco truck tacos and three tacos and a jarritos was $6.12.

I finished my tacos and still nursing a bone bruise on my foot I hobbled my way back to my car. It seemed a longer trek than it was just 20 minutes earlier. My right leg felt stiff all the way up to the knee and every time I miscalculated the right amount of balance needed by my left foot a sharp pain stung my right foot. When I got back to my car I felt my blackberry vibrate in my pocket. I answered it without checking who it was. It was someone I hadn’t talked to in awhile. I hear you’re eating 30 taco trucks in 30 days he said. Yeah , I said, only six days to go.

3/5 (1/2 point deduction for being overpriced)

Tacos El Gordo
14300 Polk St (3 blocks North of Glenoaks)
Sylmar, CA 91342

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  1. Those beans look plump and inviting!

  2. I will weep when the 30 days are over.

  3. What's up with your foot and how's your waistline?

  4. We have nothing like these in Denver, looks excellent and Clean!

  5. Without a doubt the best tacos in the San Fernando Valley! They can be found on Saticoy and the north east corner of Reseda Blvd.

  6. We have nothing like these in Denver, looks excellent and Clean!

  7. I will weep when the 30 days are over.


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