Saturday, September 04, 2010

El Comal De Mexico - Lennox

(review #4 of the 30 taco trucks in 30 days challenge)


There was a shooting at this taco truck not long ago. A man got out of a white SUV and started shooting into the crowd with a rifle. He killed a mariachi and wounded several others. Three people were arrested. It wasn’t gang violence, just some random sociopath.

Lennox is not a great area. During the day it’s fine but like a lot of LA neighborhoods it’s mean streets come out at night. This stretch of Inglewood Blvd is not want for action.; there was loud Spanish music blaring out from somewhere beyond the sidewalk, the foot traffic was made up of mostly families with the occasional transient. There were a handful of thugs both on foot and in cars , the latter bumping horrendous base music. Inglewood Ave isn’t very compromising to weekend traffic and every time a motorist decided to turn into a driveway or back up the cars behind him would lean on their horns. Sometimes they would go into opposing traffic to go around the car trying to park and then swerve back into the correct lane. There was a frantic vibe to the scene.


Tacos El Comal only serves tacos(unless there is a secret menu). One can admire such a signaler focus. I ordered my usual - al pastor, carnitas, and carne asada. The tacos came garnished with onion and cilantro. I like when the taquero garnishes my tacos. I’m no longer fond of do it yourself cilantro and onion. Especially when the cilantro is in a separate tub.


A lot of carne asada at taco trucks is broken down and chopped into oblivion and then packed into tortillas with onions and a chile salsa. They may taste good but they are miles away from that carne you may throw on that charcoal grill at home. The asada here is neither and it’s about as good as one can expect ranchera flap meat to taste from the flat grill.


The best of the three was the carnitas. The cool avocado salsa paired perfectly with the salty pork. Some carnitas is too dry, some is too fatty. This was right in-between with a good lather of rendered pork fat coating the strands of pork. I don’t have much to say about the al pastor other than it wasn’t very al pastorish. It was a little too oniony and under seasoned and just made me long for the real deal.

I did feel tense standing there waiting for my tacos. Someone died here I thought, right here. And so when my tacos were ready I took them back to my car and rolled up the windows and locked the doors. Fuck it I thought, I’m not getting shot over carnitas.


Tacos El Comal De Mexico
Inglewood Ave and Lennox Blvd
Lennox 90304
tacos $1 each

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  1. The risk of the taco hunt. Here I sit, safe but tacoless.... fighting with my iPhone to stop auto-correcting "tacoless." There you are livin' the taco dream and taking one (3) for the team. :-)


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  3. very nice Pam. very nice :)

  4. garrettsny,

    one step ahead of ya buddy :)


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