Monday, September 27, 2010

Tacos Diaz - North Hollywood

(review #27 of the 30 taco trucks in 30 days challenge)


Tacos Diaz parks at the southeast corner of Victory and Vineland in North Hollywood. There are three trucks all within a block of each other. There is El Navagente which parks in front of the Target on Vineland, and there is a truck called Taco Zone (not related to the Echo Park Taco Zone). El Navagente seems to get most of the business in the area.



I started with carne asada and al pastor and a guava jarritos. Guava jarritos is brilliant and has replaced lime jarritos as my favorite soda to enjoy with tacos. Ah so refreshing.


I topped the tacos with the moderately spiced dark chile salsa. The al pastor was a little rubbery and had a slippery texture to it. The salsa overpowered the taco which in this case was a good thing. Maybe I’m becoming a taco snob but lately I’ve become harder to please when it comes to al pastor. It’s the Leo effect.


The carne asada combined with the guava jarritos really hit the spot. The asada was just no nonsense taco with finely cut ranchera steak w/ onions and cilantro. They went down easy and I ordered two more. The jarritos went quickly so I purchased another. The rich flavor of the salsa and the sweet pop of the guava jarritos almost stopped time.

A more in depth sampling of the menu at Tacos Diaz is warranted but the night was cruel and hot and I was ready to give in. So I got back in car, turned up the AC, and drove home.


Tacos Diaz
Vineland and Vanowen
tacos $1

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