Friday, September 10, 2010

Ruben's Tacos - West LA

(review #10 of the 30 taco trucks in 30 days challenge)


I kept hearing about this new taco truck in West LA and how West LA finally had some bad ass street tacos . I was so busy scouring the East that I was neglecting a truck in my own backyard. But a great taco truck in West LA? I’ll believe in it when I see it. Sure there are some trucks on the Westside that can make a good taco now and then but consistency has always been the problem. I love the quesillo taco at El Paladar Oaxaqueno but the asada and al pastor have never thrilled me.

I hit up Ruben’s Tacos on consecutive nights to test the consistency but also because I was craving the salsa verde I had on the first night. They don’t have carnitas so I stuck with my order of al pastor and carne asada.

al pastor and carne asada $1 each


The al pastor is shaved from the rotating spit then grilled on the plancha. The first night it had a more griddled texture, the pork was more cubed and meaty. The next night was more classic al pastor with thin shaved lumps of tender pork. The asada on both nights was consistent - finely chopped, greasy and with good beefy flavor. Both meats were better paired with the salsa verde which judging from the heat is likely a blend of serrano pepper, tomatillo and avocado. The verde is wonderful but if you don’t like spice then stick with the more milder(but not by much) guajillo chile and chile arbol salsa roja. If you do like spice then don’t forget to add some of the red onion, radish & cucumber salad to your plate. It has a chile lime flavor that is the perfect compliment to the tacos. Eat it as a side dish or add a little to your tacos. You won’t regret it.


I paired my tacos with a mandarin flavor of Jarritos. This flavor has a lot more pop than regular orange soda. Even Orange Crush in a glass bottle tastes flat in comparison to how much crispness there is in a Jarritos.


Sometimes there is a line but you can pass the time watching TV from the flat screen TV mounted on the wagon. If you get your order to go they provide cups for salsa and condiments. But why would you do that? Taco truck tacos are meant to be eaten on the street.


Ruben's Tacos
11861 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica Blvd and Westgate
tacos $1

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  1. I'm so excited to try Ruben's but I so rarely eat dinner after 8pm. If Ruben's got there even an hour earlier, I'd be all over it. Seems like they're missing out on a lot of dinner business.

  2. That green salsa does looke Awesome... darker than the usual tomatillo stuff...

  3. the verde is very good...sadly this truck has been really inconsistent. i should amend my 4 score

  4. Benchcomptons6/4/11, 1:42 PM

    They park near Venice/Motor now. Open past 2am!

  5. they have two trucks. One at venice/motor and this one

  6. oops..Clarington Ave, not Motor.

  7. Deplorable service. The owner yeld at me "I don't give a f&^% if you come back or not" in front of my kids after I complaint that they took 25 minutes for an order of fries.
    Never go back to that truck again


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