Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hermanas Torres - East LA

(review #28 of the 30 taco trucks in 30 days challenge)


I took the 10 east past downtown then the 710 to Valley Blvd. I remembered hearing somewhere that Valley Blvd was lined with taco trucks. I drove east when I got off on Valley into Alhambra and took Valley east for about 4 miles. I didn’t see any taco trucks, just a lot of Chinese restaurants.

I made a U-turn and headed west on Valley Blvd. It was around 9pm and I needed to find a taco truck pretty soon. My plan of finding an armada of taco trucks on Valley Blvd seemed out the window. I took Valley all the way until it merged into Mission Rd. There were no taco trucks to be found.

I took Mission Rd and was contemplating a quick trip to Highland Park. I’ve pretty much reviewed every truck in Highland Park but I knew of at least one I hadn’t. I passed USC medical center and made a left on Daly St. As luck would have it there was a taco truck parked at the corner of Lord St and Daly, so I pulled over.


I ordered lengua, carne asada, al pastor and a grapefruit jarritos. The menu was heavy on quesadillas - quesadillas with ham, with asada, with tinga, with papas. No burritos on the menu but heard several people order them.


The tacos didn’t take long to come out of the window. They came topped with onions and cilantro and I ladled salsa on them from tubs of salsa that were on ice. The salsa and condiments area could have been a little tidier. Some limes were inside the radish bin, some radishes found their way inside one of the salsa bins. I don’t like to see such salsa bin chaos. When a patron sees a clean salsa bar he is likely going to be more careful topping his plate and vice versa.

The tacos were small, greasy, and delicious. The orange-ish salsa was a hybrid of tomato and tomatillo with chile arbol. There wasn’t a lot of heat but between the greasy beef and the charred flavor of the pork there was a lot of flavor. I poured salsa verde on the lengua taco and liberally applied shots of lime to counter the naturally gamey flavor of tongue. It was excellent and probably the best taco of the three. They were all good though - classic LA street tacos that were hot, fresh, and gone in two bites.


Hermanas Torres
Lord St and Daly Ave
(one block south of Mission Rd)

Hermanas Torres

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