Monday, September 06, 2010

Compas Tacos - Panorama City

(review #6 of the 30 taco trucks in 30 days challenge)


Compas Tacos parks at the corner of Van Nuys and Chase Ave in Panorama City. There’s folding chairs on the sidewalk and a neighborhood vibe here. Most of the patrons come by foot from the local neighborhoods but from time to time a car pulls up, parks in the parking lot of the Chase bank and it’s occupants spill out into the line. But that’s an oddity. Compas,like a lot of taco trucks in LA that serves as the local neighborhoods standby. Too late to cook dinner? Walk to Compas. And on a Saturday night it’s the destination either before or after the club - something to give the evening a jumpstart or to soak up the end of the nights booze.


carne asada and lengua & bean tostada

asada and al pastor

I ordered carne asada, al pastor and lengua and peppered my tacos with the salsa from the provided squirt bottles. The al pastor here isn’t as good as it should be. They have the al pastor spit but the al pastor this night had a gummy texture to it and the flavor tasted like pineapple juice rather than fresh pineapple. The asada is a great LA taco : greasy ,hot and flavorful but the lengua is the surprise star . After the funky lengua I had at Daniel’s this lengua restored my faith in tongue. The flavor is subtle and goes well with the more mild salsa verde. A couple squirts of lime wake up the taco and it’s finer points are highlighted. I believe it is cooked al vapor but I can’t be sure. The tacos came with a free bean tostada that was light and crispy with the beans swimming in flavor. A lot of valley taco trucks provide this added touch and it's an irresistible indulgence.

lengua with salsa verde

There are a few taco trucks in this area but they are all driving distance from each other. In an area where the evenings street parking spot is a hot commodity you’re not going to drive to a taco truck. You’re going to walk. And if you live near Van Nuys and Chase you’re going to walk to Compas.


Compas Tacos
Van Nuys Blvd and Chase Ave
Panorama city
tacos $1

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  1. Yum!

    Enjoying the reviews.

  2. Yum!

    Enjoying the reviews.


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