Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tacos El Coty - Pico Union


One of the misconceptions with taco trucks is that they aren‘t clean. I’ve been to hundreds of taco trucks and it is a rare occasion when I see something unsanitary. But taco trucks have always been stereotyped this way. The term roach coaches wouldn’t have stuck if there wasn’t this perception.

Tacos El Coty sort of confirms the worst fears of those wary of taco trucking. When I arrived it was just after 6:30 pm and I was the only customer and noticed an al pastor spit in the truck with loosely fitted cuts of raw pork. Then I noticed an odd smell. It smelled like spoiled onions. The smell was not coming from the table which had a containers of salsa and onions. It was coming from the truck or under the truck. The truck was leaking water (or some kind of liquid) and a puddle had formed under the truck. The smell attracted flies both to the puddle and to the trashcan which was unfortunately placed right next to the table with the onions and salsas.


A rule of thumb with taco trucks - if the outside isn’t clean then the inside isn’t going to be clean either. There are many taco truck operators that take pride in how clean their trucks are but there are some trucks that one wonders why they were even aloud to roll them out of the commissary. A clean truck on the outside gives the customer some confidence that the inside is treated the same way.

As I topped my tacos with onions and salsa I started to contemplate whether it was wise to continue. The tacos themselves didn’t smell off but the smell from the truck had really turned me off.

A moment later I felt my phone vibrating. It was a friend asking if I was free for dinner. Yeah, I was now. It was an easy choice. I dropped the plate of tacos in the bin and walked back to my car.


Tacos El Coty
Union and 11st
tacos $1.25

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