Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tacos El Rocky


About four blocks North of El Monchis parks Tacos El Rocky. After my tacos at El Monchis I still had room for a couple more and I figured that there was no better time than the present to scratch another taco truck off the list in my ongoing quest to eat off every taco truck in Los Angeles.

Speaking of eating off every taco truck in LA, a reader tells me that there is no way that Los Angeles has 10,000 taco trucks. I didn’t pull that number out of my ass, well I may have, but I seem to remember back when Gloria Molina and the board of supervisors went anti-taco there were several newspaper articles claiming the 10,000 number. That number may include every kind of catering truck on wheels for all I know. If someone has a good estimate on how many actual taco trucks there are in LA let me know.

When I pulled up to El Rocky I was the only customer. This can sometimes be a worrying sign as your best taco trucks seem to always have at least one person leaning up against the counter or sitting at a crate nearby chomping down some tacos. But daytime taco trucks aren't the same as their twilight counterparts where one can always tell a good taco truck by the crowd.


The tortillas were hot and well oiled, the salsa was spicy and the meats were greasy with flavor. The al pastor was bordering on being too crisp, the strips of achiote coated pork had a pork skin like texture to them and the asada sans a few stray bits of fat went well with the peppery salsa roja. The roja had a decent sting to it which had me puckering at my bottle of coke more frequently than usual. The meats didn’t seem to be of the highest quality but the taquero got the best out of them.


Neither El Monchis or El Rocky reinvent the taco and neither are worth going out of your way for. If I lived nearby I would choose El Rocky because the tacos were more street- hot, spicy, and greasy with flavor. If I wanted something more exotic it would be El Monchis.


Tacos El Rocky
501 South Atlantic Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90022
tacos $1 each

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