Friday, May 21, 2010

Taco Azteca - Glendale


I haven’t had any tacos in Glendale since I started the blog and I’ve gotten quite a few recommendations for Tacoa Azteca. As luck would have it I happened to be in Glendale and hungry and driving by Taco Azteca. Hey sometimes you find the taco, sometimes the taco finds you.

Taco Azteca is on the corner of Verdugo and Harvard St. At first glance it looks out of place on this semi residential street. A primary school is directly across the street and it is sandwiched between a cleaners and what looked to be a small workshop.


The al pastor was filled with greasy cubes of sweet pork, achiote stained and tender and miles away from traditional al pastor yet ultimately satisfying. The carne asada went good with the spicy red salsa and shot of lime. The beef had a nice peppery aftertaste and the salsa a sharp spice to it. It may have just been that I was a nursing a hangover that I found these tacos to be so agreeable. The grease from the pork ran down my fingers as I used a slice of radish to scoop up remaining onions, beef, and pork and when the radishes were gone my fingers made due. There are tacos that sometimes don’t pass the fingers test, tacos that for whatever reason I prefer to leave the meat and onions that fall from the taco on the plate. These were by no means great tacos but they were good enough and sometimes good enough is all one really needs.

It’s hard to say where these tacos fit into the grand scheme of things. If I lived near Taco Azteca I’d likely be a regular. Everyone needs a dependable taco stand they can rely on and I’m not surprised that so many in Glendale rely on Taco Azteca.

Taco Azteca
143 S Verdugo Rd
Glendale 91205
Tacos $1.23 each

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