Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pick NBA Finals winner to win a copy of T&T&A

Pick NBA Finals to win a copy of T&T&A

I have a signed copy of T&T&A to give away. In T&T&A Tony Stamolis takes food porn to it’s most natural conclusion - photos of tacos alongside half naked women. Yes! I know this is a family website but I’ve made an exception because it’s art. T&T&A - hardcover 188 pages with 137 pages of color photographs and retails for $45.

So what do you have to do to win a signed copy of T&T&A?

First become a fan on The Great Taco Hunt face book page Then post your prediction on The Great Taco Hunt facebook page. (if you aren’t on face book you can post your prediction in the comments section here but I prefer to use face book because it prevents more than one entry)

Your prediction should include both teams that make the NBA Finals , the NBA Champion., in what game the series ends and the final score of that game.

For example Orlando Vs Lakers - Lakers in 5 . Final score of game 5 - Lakers 98- Orlando 84

You must have your predictions in before the start of Monday’s Semi Final between the Suns and Lakers.

The earlier you post your prediction gives you an advantage in the case after the final score tie breaker there is still a tie (it will go to whomever posted their prediction first.)

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