Monday, April 12, 2010

top 10 taco trucks and taquerias


To make this blog easier to navigate and for readers to know what I think the best tacos in LA are (that I have so far reviewed) I added on the sidebar lists of the top 10 taco trucks and top 10 Taquerias. These lists will change as I eat more tacos with some dropping out of the top 10 and some entering it. For the sake of cohesion the taqueria list will include taquerias, taco stands, and mercados that sell tacos. For instance Los 5 Puntos will be under the taqueria list and El Parian, even though it is a birreria will also be in the taqueria column. The taco truck list will include taco trucks, taco wagons, and taco carts ie anything that can be driven or pulled by another automobile.

These aren't definitive lists considering they only include places I have been to.


El Chato
El Matador
El Taquito Mexicano
El Pique
Tacos El Korita
La Golandrina
Tacos Jeesy's
La Estrella
Tacos La Fonda
El Taki Taco


El Parian
LA Taquiza
Sergio's Tacos
King Taco
El Taurino
Los 5 Puntos
Tacos El Gavilan
Tacos Tumbras A Tomas
Tacos Por Favor

UPDATE: Someone asked why Kogi which I gave a 5/5 was not in the top 10 list. For now I am adding a separate list of top gourmet trucks. Maybe this will change and I will combine the two. But for now there are separate top 10 lists.


  1. so are your Top 10 Lists in any order or just your current favorite 10 places?

  2. They are in order with #1 being the top taco in each category.


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