Sunday, February 28, 2010

Taqueria Sanchez


Most tacos don’t travel well. Your average taco can’t handle the car ride home wrapped in tin foil. There are several reasons for this. Most of your street tacos come with corn tortillas that are grilled on the same grill as the meat. Often times the tortillas will either be dipped in some oil and then also get some of the grease from the meat. Skilled taqueros will use the tortilla to scoop up the meat off the grill all in one motion.

Typically when you get tacos to go they are wrapped altogether. So if you have four tacos packed in together with salsa on top of them chances are when you get home your tacos will be a mess. The tortillas will have a very damp consistency and the salsa will have soaked into the meat and tortillas.

At Taqueria Sanchez the tortillas are steamed. The steaming makes for a sturdier tortilla. The only risk is having a taco that is too dry. But I’ve found that with Taqueria Sanchez taking the tacos to go actually lets the tortillas sweat a little which makes them less dry. They also don’t put any salsa on your tacos so you don’t have to worry about the tortilla getting soaked. Instead they give you cups of salsa. The bad thing about getting tacos to go with salsa already on them is that the salsa loses some of it’s qualities when it warms up. I also like how Taqueria Sanchez wraps each taco separate. That way the tacos you aren’t eating stay warm.


(carne asada)

Taqueria Sanchez’s carne asada and al pastor are baked. The cooking method is not used at many taquerias (I’ve never seen it at another taqueria). The asada has a strong beefy flavor that builds with each bite. At times it’s overwhelming with the saltiness of the beef and the heat from the salsa roja. It’s definitely an acquired taste. The al pastor is more subtle. It doesn’t have the sweetness of authentic pastor but it’s about as tender as you could hope for and paired with the spice of the salsa roja it really shines.

(al pastor)

(taco lomo)

If you’re looking for a more standard beef taco skip the asada and order the taco lomo. They taco lomo is beef loin and it is very tender. The cost is a little more than the other tacos ($1.75 compared to $1.25) but they are worth it. This is one of the best tacos on the Westside.

Taqueria sanchez has another location, a sit down taqueria about 4 blocks away on Centinela ave. The Centinela location has one of the best salsa bars on the Westside with salsas ranging from guacamole salsa to salsa roja and verde. The Inglewood location also has a carniceria where you can get prepared carne asada and purchase homemade salsas.

When I’m in the mood to just grab a bag of tacos and go home and watch a ball game taqueria sanchez jumps to the top of my list.


Taqueira/Carniceria Sanchez
4502 Inglewood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Taqueria sanchez
4541 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Some tacos do travel well but you have to know how the tortillas are prepared. If you’re thinking about taking your tacos to go and worried about your tacos falling apart it’s important to know how your local taquerias/ taco trucks prepare their tortillas.

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  1. Just had their fish burrito, it was tasteless, no flavor what's so ever! Their tacas are better.


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