Saturday, February 27, 2010

Don Felix - Sawtelle


I’ve been checking out some of the taquerias closer to home as of late. Working on the east side and living on the west I tend to eat most of my tacos on the east. But I like to keep tabs on my local taquerias. The Westside is still the wild west of the LA taco scene. There’s no one taqueria laying down the law or one taqueria that has influence like King Taco does in the east.

Word got around that Don Felix ditched the habanero salsa that I so enjoyed. By word getting around I mean I received emails questioning my manhood if I considered Don Felix’s salsa spicy. So I figured there had been changes because I’ve been all over this town and that was some spicy shit. And by spicy I refer to the bright orange blast of habanero that would have beads of sweat running down ones forehead just by looking at it. As much as I enjoyed it I don’t blame Don Felix for going with a milder salsa.


I think they may have gone too mild on the salsa however. While I enjoyed the carne asada tacos that kick I was waiting for from the salsa never came. And the al pastor was not nearly as flavorful as I remember it. The asada was working though and a salsa with a little more zip to it could have really gone nicely with the cold bottle of Mexican coke. Some taquerias with less than spicy salsas put a grilled jalapeno on your plate. For me the heat has to be on my plate somewhere, either from the salsa or a pepper.


Don Felix Taqueria
3985 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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