Saturday, February 27, 2010

Christine's Taco Table - Cesar Chavez Blvd


Well it’s 2010 and I’m ready to get rolling again. The end of the year was kind of hectic with the holidays and the parties and drinking. About this time every year I tell myself I’m not going to get drunk anymore, that I’m going to start running every morning. All that shit. It lasts about a few weeks then the running shoes go back into the closet and I’m back in the pub. But hey this year is different. Yeah yeah. Anyways before Christmas I headed down to Cesar Chavez Blvd. I was looking for the Breed St folks but It may have been an off night. I did however find a taco table with an Al Pastor spit which is always hard to resist.


The table was set up in front of Christine’s Super Taco Mexican and Italian food. A lot of Taqueria’s do this nowadays. It’s hard to get people in the doors but once they see the smoke and meats cooking up on the grill outside they get interested.


The al pastor was cut from the spit then finished on the grill where it was mixed with onions then scooped up on to corn tortillas. Tubs of salsas were set on a separate table along with other condiments - onions, cilantro, cucumbers and radishes. For three tacos it was $3 dollars a deal that never ceases to amaze when considering the high quality and the amount of condiments available. The tacos were excellent , a bit of sweetness with the charred pork combined with salsas that were both spicy and complex. The heat from the salsas showed themselves in different ways. While the red salsa was certainly spicy it peaked right away and gently faded. But the orange salsa with it’s habanero peppers never let up with the heat and I had to sweat it out a little.

The extra touch was the slices of pineapple that were cut from the spit and grilled along with the pork. I folded one of the strips of pineapple into one of the tacos and the flavors were magic.

2010 will find me back on the road searching for the good the bad and the ugly. I still have to try the legendary bean burritos at Lupe’s and J&S . Yeah this a taco blog but this bean and cheese burrito side project is a little obsession of mine. Now where did I put those running shoes?


Christine's Taco Table
3818 E Cesar Chavez Blvd
tacos $1

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