Saturday, February 27, 2010

Carnitas Michoacan #3


I always thought if I owned a taco stand I would put a dinosaur on the roof. It’s either that or multiple bulls heads on the walls. Hey you gotta let them know who’s boss. But I never thought of having an over 5 zillion sold sign. As my friends from the other side of the pond would say, that’s bollocks.

Michoacan style carnitas is slow cooked in oil or fat until the outside is crispy with the inside trapping in all the juicy flavor. This all sounds wonderful and when it’s done right it’s the best taco meat filling you can find but most of the time the carnitas I eat is just alright. It may have the porkyness but there aren’t those crispy bits I can gnaw on. This carnitas fell somewhere in between. It was juicy and had some flavor but not dinasour or bulls head worthy. What saved the taco from mediocrity was the salsa roja. The roja perked the tacos up and brought some fire to my lips.


Depending what time of day you’re at Carnitas Michoacán #3 you’ll run into a different crowd. During the day it’s day laborers, working men and women. After hours it’s a more rebellious crowd.The menu is extensive with items like nachos, enchiladas, quesadillas to go with the standard tacos, burritos and tortas. They’re also known for their weekend Menudo, that legendary hangover elixir.


Carnitas Michoacan #3
741 S Soto St
Los Angeles, CA 90023
tacos $1.25


  1. the al pastor here is prolly the best in LA...prove me wrong!

  2. the al pastor here is prolly the best in LA...prove me wrong!


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