Friday, July 20, 2007

taco recipe writer wanted

Sasquatch books is looking for a taco recipe writer for a cookbook about tacos.

"We're looking for a writer who has a variety of recipes, and can make "authentic" tacos, and who could supply a great voice throughout the recipes and the non-recipe text."

I told them I'd help get the word out there. If you're interested email Terence Maikels at sasquatch books

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  1. Man, I thought at first you were looking for a contributor to your blog. Disappointed, because there is a whole 'nother world of tacos in West Texas, Southern New Mexico and Chihuahua and Sonora.

    Me, I live in the Southwest but still like the style I eat from the Interior, which seems to be more common in California (double, mini-tortillas, meat, salsa, cilanto, onion, with pickled carrots, radishes and a jalapeno on the side0

    Here, we get a LOT of beef... and most of the tacos delivered are simply meat on a tortilla. You have to ask for cilantro and onions. And find some salsa rojas (very hot, BTW) on your own. There are a couple of places in town serving pork tacos, and one that knocks them all out: a spit cooking al pastor over wood embers. But that's rare.


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