Friday, June 15, 2007

Better Know a Taquero

From time to time I get emails from taco truck operators in other states. I also get emails from taco lovers from other states asking where to get the best taco in their respective town. The time has come to bring the two together.

So I decided to rip off Stephen Colbert's "better know a district" and call this segment of my blog "better know a taquero". I will be featuring taco truck operators from all over the country. If you're a taco truck operator anywhere in the country send me your info and pictures!


Carlos Sosa is the owner of tacos La Yucateca in Tampa Bay, Florida. Mr Sosa turned a 8x10 trailer into a customized taco cart. Before starting his business Mr Sosa searched on the internets and found this blog and credits this blog for inspiring him to start his taco business.

puerco asado

Mr Sosa a native of Yucatan, Mexico has brought the flavors of yucatan and michoacan to the 727
"I serve asada, carnitas michoacan style, poc-chuc (grilled pork) and pollo, tacos, tortas, quesadillas and even breakfasts in the morning (chorizo and eggs is my top seller) i sell cochinita pibil like tacos yuca's on wednesdays and fish tacos and ceviche tostadas on friday."

If you live near Tampa Bay check out Tacos La Yucateca and tell them the taco bandini sent you!

Tacos La Yucateca
5895 78th Ave N
Pinellas Park, Fl


  1. Great idea, Bandini!

    Being a Mexican expat living in Southern Florida, I would love to hear about good tacos in the region (i go to Tampa often, so I'll give La Yucateca a try next time).

    I'll also be glad to provide you with tips on good tacos in (and around) Miami.


  2. Hi Bandini,

    I went to that address looking for these tacos and I couldn't find them.
    Are they still working in that address?
    I recently moved from Mexico to Florida and I can tell you that this region really needs more good REAL tacos.

    Please help us finding them.


  3. They're in the corner of Starkey and Ulmerton. Across the budweiser place.


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