Saturday, March 24, 2007

Taqueria La Cañada


I didn't quite make it to King Taco.

For whatever reason when driving down Hoover St I pulled over in front of Taqueria La Cañada.

I had never seen this taqueria before. It was a street I rarely drove down, opting instead to take Alvarado. So when I noticed a taqueria sandwiched between a panaderia I was more than curious.

When I walked in it was just me and a quite rotund looking fellow that was plowing through a plate of costillos de res(beef ribs).

I was about to order when this same man waddled up to the counter and gestured for more ribs. When the cook started to cut the ribs the man yelled(with salsa drizzling down his chin) "no, los pollos!".

I didn't have to speak fluent español to know the cook was quite annoyed by the gordo.

Finally it was my turn to order and I went with one taco carnitas, one taco asada para aqui. I watched as the cook took a hunk of carnitas and chopped it up and ladled salsa roja and salsa verde over my tacos.


The asada was fatty as was the carnitas. I didn't finish either taco and after the second bite of the asada I ditched the tortilla and just picked out the edible bits of beef with a fork. I did the same with the carnitas after a glob of pork fat was an unwelcome feeling sliding down my throat. The saving grace was the ice cold orange crush. I had forgotten how great this beverage goes with tacos.

So the tacos were bad..maybe I should have ordered the pollo,or the pastor, or maybe I should have just gone to king taco in the first place.

But I have more reporting to do and more taco discoveries before I return to the taqueria where this journey first started. I'm not ready to return to the King just yet.

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Taqueria La Cañada Hoover and 7th st downtown LA , Tacos $1.50 each

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  1. Orange Crush was made for fatty food pairings. I love it!

  2. Orange Crush was made for fatty food pairings. I love it!


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