Saturday, February 10, 2007

Taco Idol 1.0

Are you the owner of a mariscos/taco truck or do you know someone who is?

A Malibu proprietor is looking for a good mariscos/taco truck for their oceanfront parking location and I'm assisting in the search. Yeah that's right,I've just added taco consultant to my bio.

This is a prime location especially with the surf crowd, fisherman and beach goers.

Requirements? Good tacos! good mariscos!(shrimp cocktail, shrimp tostada etc)

Hours- weekday and weekends morning, lunch, afternoons (ultimately up the vendor when they want to arrive and leave )

Already have a weekday spot you are loyal to but interested in a weekend daylight gig? Or maybe you have a loyal following at night and are looking for a daytime spot.

So if you are a taco truck operator and are interested in the weekday spot, weekend spot or both e-mail me your details.

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