Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Pedro Pe's Lunch Truck

I found this on the interwebs.Meet Pedro Pe, LA's finest lunch truck comedian.

Featured in this movie are the taco trucks Tacos El Primo and Leo's which park near the Ranch market at West adams and Redondo ave.


  1. That was...oddly amusing.

  2. What is he, an Italian Taquero?! It's okay, Mexicans can't play White people right either.
    A few years back, some local Chicano (or should I say Pocho) comedians were working on a movie based on taco trucks. It never was completed though...or maybe it's still in "pre-production."

  3. FYI: Pedro Pe has performed at the Montreal Comedy Festival with Will Ferrell and Dave Chapelle. Pedro has done shows with Nora Dunn and many other local sketch comedy fixtures. This short is a departure for Pedro. -- PedroPe


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