Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dennis Kucinich

I havn't had the desire to go taco hunting lately. It may be the cold weather at night that is keeping me in. But it's also the fact that my friend the Fabulous Kiwi Simmons whom on occasions serves as my co-pilot has refused to join me on anymore taco journeys until I admit that Dennis Kucinich is a viable Presidential candidate. Oh and also..I have to stop calling him Dennis Kookinich.

So the next few posts I'll be taking from the cutting room floor. Taco trucks and taco stands that didn't make it on the blog for one reason or another. And in an attempt to blog more often I will keep some of these reports short and to the point.

someone pushed me....yeah

This was a taco wagon that was at the corner of Vineland and Vanowen(i think) in front of a laundry matt and liquor store.

I was drunk and don't remember the trucks name or if it even had one. I forget most of that night. I do remember one thing though. The tacos were awesome.


This looks like asada and pastor. I woke up the next morning and found these photos on my camera. Gosh..and I didn't even ask her name. I'm such a taco whore.


All I can determine from this photo is that the truck is from the city of El Monte. Which begs the question...why is a truck from El Monte setting up shop in North Hollywood? Quite puzzling if you ask me.

If anyone knows of this truck or it's current whereabouts please come forward so I can put a name to these little baby bombs.

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  1. El Bandini,

    Thanks for the link to Wonkette.

    Your site got me through many long hungry nights in Reno, where I was forced to live for a few years.

    I'm back on the eastside and catching up with the tacos at a furious clip.



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