Thursday, December 14, 2006

LAX Tacos: Redux

Sometimes I get feedback

like the time i got this email

"LAX tacos rules! you suck bandini!"

Out of all the reviews I've done I've got more email about LAX taco than any other.

My last report on LAX tacos wasn't flattering enough for the LAX taco fan club.

So I checked my report on LAX and they may have had a point. Turns out I went through the drive-thru and got my tacos to go wrapped in foil. Any taco hound will tell you that foil can ruin the greatest of tacos. It makes the tortillas sweat, the salsa warms..etc etc.

So I went back to LAX taco and ordered three tacos- adobada, carnitas, carne asada.

My tacos came with onions, cilantro, and a mild salsa roja. Carrots, radishes and limes for garnish.

Something wasn't right about the radishes though. They looked like they had just been plucked out of the garden. I swear...they still had dirt on them. I wouldn't make this up my friends.


First up was the carnitas. Nice and crisp in parts with a roast like flavor. This was a good taco, not great. The tortillas were too dry and the salsa too mild to make it great.

I liked the adobada. It was shredded with alot of seasoning. Yeah it was very salty and I really wish I had a cold corona to counter all the saltyness but it was also juicy with alot of bold flavors and ultimately it was satisfying. If too much salt is not your thing I'd avoid this taco however.

The carne asada was awful. Somewhere during the cooking process the beef had all the flavor zapped out of it.And there was gristle, oh was there gristle. You know when you bite into a taco and you get more beef in your bite than you expected because there is fat connecting the beef in your bite to the remaining beef in the taco? that's what it was like. It was like a frickin yoshinoya taco.

Sooooo...the 2 1/2 taco rating has been confirmed. Stop emailing me LAX taco fanboys!!!!

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LAX tacos is at 543 W Arbor Vitae St, Inglewood. Tacos $1.25


  1. You are so right about LAX Tacos. Their only saving grace is that they have a drive-thru. Oh, and they do have some of the more exotic meats.


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