Friday, November 24, 2006

Tacos Kimberly


The daytime taco scene near downtown LA is a competitive one . Many trucks park outside supermarkets and public transportation hubs with a clientele made up of workers from the nearby shops and commuters.

Tacos Kimberly is one such taco truck. Parking in front of the Smart and Final at 1500 West 6th Street they offer the deal of two tacos for $1.50.


I ordered asada and carnitas, popped open a bottle of mexican coke and waited.

But then something dodgy happened. I saw my plate of tacos passed to another girl and watched as she fingered through the carnitas asking if it was chorizo and then handed back the plate to the boy inside the truck. A quick chat between the cook and the boy and I could sense what was about to happen. The girl had been given my tacos and I was about to get them back!

Geez! Sound the health code alarm. But did I refuse the tacos? No! I am a taco reporter and this is part of the story. This taco crime must be documented.

I wanted to interview the señorita about the facts of the case but she didn’t speak much english. She smiled sheepishly and giggled.

“I will not eat the carnitas taco but not because you have touched it but because it doesn’t look right.” I said to her.

“It's no chorizo” she smiled back.

“the carne asada though I will eat just to show that I am not offended that you at one time had possesion over my tacos”

“haha! ok! and sorry sorry...I orden chorizo...y...eso es no chorizo!”

And this was true..the carnitas was pure pork blubber and one bite of the pork fat would have probably killed me.I could see the headlines now: Taco hunter collapses after injesting pork blob.Mysterious Carnivore known as Bandini succumbs to pork fat overdose.

pork blubber

After the proper photo documentation I discarded the pork into the bin and went for the asada. Not bad, but not great. The salsa had some kick to it and hid the beefs shortcomings but overall just average.


I wanted to thank this señorita for saving my life but when I turned around she was gone. Who was this mysterious girl that saved me from this untimely demise? my guardian angel? a gift from the taco Gods?

I walked down 6th st thinking to myself and as a bus roared past and the smog and dust settled I saw her, her big smile gleaming through the bus window. And when she saw me she waved and I waved back.

Goodbye señorita, because of you this taco journey continues.


Tacos Kimberly 1500 West 6th Street(cross street Union) tacos 2 for $1.50


  1. Besides the blubber aspect, its astounding they would serve half the meat off the tortilla. If they can't do a quick chop-chop for what looks like a long strip of leftover turkey, then they need to get back to the taco drawing board!

  2. Wow, that looks positively foul.

    I like fatty meat, but that really does it in the "ew" department.

  3. Sorry, Taco Man, but who would trust a taco named Kimberly? What's next, Taco Brittany? Taco Snooky? Still, I'm glad you didn't eat whatever that was on that tortilla. We need you alive and well.

  4. Glad to see you alive, bandini. That pork blubber looks positively vile. Thanks for taking one for the team.

  5. This review begs the question: how many times have you suffered digestive distress in your quest for the best tacos? May I be so bold as to suggest a best and worst list for 2006? The worst would consist of "Tacos Kimberly" and any other cart serving blubber, as well as any establishment that may have left you feeling no-so-well on the inside.

    In any case, may your quest continue unabated.

  6. el chavo,

    yeah..if they chopped it up real fine I probably wouldn't have noticed. I'm kind've glad they presented it that way actually..otherwise i would have probably injested all that.

  7. dak,

    yeah I was suspicious when I didn't see kimberly. If she exists I doubt she would have approved of this mutant looking taco.

  8. alex,

    well I have a bit of an iron stomach. I can drink whisky, vodka, eat off of taco trucks and take part in other general misbehavior.

    although...everytime I eat at chipotle about an hour later I feel like i am going to die.

  9. My wife hates tacos, and incidently her name is Kimberly. Can't wait to show her this post :)

  10. Ewwww! Bandini, this taco crime must not go unpunished.

  11. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience at Tacos Kimberly, since I had recommended it. I'm now embarrassed. I've always had good asada there, and I find the old man who does the cooking charming. The woman, when she is there, is always crabby. The boy is nice. That carnitas you were served is ASTOUNDING. I'm in shock. I don't love the carnitas there, but it has NEVER looked that ridiculously bad. Sorry.

  12. Anonymous,

    Ahh..don't be embarrassed. It made things interesting. :)

  13. wow!!! i don't think i have ever seen such a disgusting carnitas taco in my life. that looks like absolute crap! I feel sorry for u , u actually put that in ur mouth. i wonder what gordon ramsay would say about that carnitas taco.


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