Wednesday, July 12, 2006

update on taco truck ordinance

I recieved an email from Richard Myers of the Venice Neighborhood Council regarding the proposed catering truck ordinance. The Venice neighborhood council is going to consider a letter to Councilman Rosendahl opposing the ordinance.

Westminster Elementary School Auditorium, 1010 Abbott Kinney Blvd (around 7:30pm)
Tuesday, July 18th Agenda

The ordinance goes into effect July 23rd. It's not too late to email your city council representative.

Email,phone or fax Mayor Villaraigosa office asking him to veto this anti-taco truck ordinance and to encourage the city council to come up with a more creative solution.

as El Chavo says "when you outlaw tacos, only outlaws will have tacos"


  1. Bro, I've got to try some of those places. Some of them I've been to. Very good tacos. But you definately have to try this truck in East LA. "Tacos El Corrita" on the corner of Olympic and Hubert. This truck has captured the taste of taco stands south of the border.

  2. tacos el corrita..I've heard good things about this truck. Can't wait to get out there

  3. The Venice NC voted to send the following letter to our city councilman:


    Councilman Bill Rosendahl
    of the City of Los Angeles
    Room 415, City Hall
    200 North Spring Street
    Los Angeles, California 90012


    Ordinance Amending Section 80.73(B) Of Division N Of Chapter Viii Of The Los Angeles Municipal Code Relating To The Parking Of Catering Trucks In The City Of Los Angeles
    Council File No. 99-2170

    Dear Councilman Rosendahl,
    The Venice Neighborhood Council would like to express our opposition to the heavy-handed changes made to the Municipal Code relating to the parking of catering truck in Los Angeles. These trucks are a part of our community and have served our neighborhood for many years.

    In particular, La Isla Bonita has been serving the Oakwood, Rose Ave and North Beach communities from its weekend location at 4th Street and Rose Ave for decades. Forcing La Isla Bonita to move every hour would make it impossible for them to serve these neighborhoods, especially when parking becomes tight in the summer.

    Another popular location for catering trucks in Venice is the Pen Mar Park sports field where families enjoy the services of catering trucks during football, soccer and baseball games in the park. Forcing the catering trucks to move after an hour would be a great loss to these community gatherings.

    I am sure that in some parts of the city there are problems with catering trucks, but the “one size fits all” solution envisioned by the district attorney has not accounted for the role these trucks play in our community.

    Please help Venice find a way to keep our local catering trucks operating in their traditional locations and manner. They have served our community well for many years.


    Dede Audet, President
    Venice Neighborhood Council


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