Thursday, December 22, 2005

Carnitas Michoacanas

The carnitas at Casa Diaz has left an indelible impression on this taco reporter. In order to put this in perspective I decided to head to Carnitas Michoacanas in Panorama city. Actually I was already in Panorama city and with my impeccable taco vision noticed Carnitas Michoacanas out of the corner of my eye.
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There were a couple lunch patrons enjoying tortas and bowls of pozole but I was here for the tacos. I ordered two carnitas and two asada tacos.Any resteraunt with carnitas in their name must know a thing or too about shredded pork and I wasn't disapointed. The carnitas doesn't touch the originality and spice of Casa Diaz but it was moist and juicy enough to be enjoyable. No frills here , just your standard pork flavor but with the finely chopped onions and spicy salsa roja these tacos were pretty tasty.
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carnitas taco

The carne asada had alot of lime flavor to it. The braised meat was tender and there was no gristle anywhere on the taco which is a major plus. There was also alot of meat on the taco. Some places load up their tacos with onions and cilantro but these tacos were packed with moist tender meat.
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Salsa can make or break a taco and the salsa roja here really added to the taste and spice of the tacos and made me reach for a cold bottle of coke. The salsa reminded me of the salsa I had down the street at El Rincon Taurino. There were no bulls heads or matadors on the walls here but I wouldn't have been offended if there were. These were good tacos and if you live nearby I suggest checking out Carnitas Michoacanas.
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Carnitas Michoacanas #2 15039 Roscoe Blvd, Panorama City Tacos $1 each

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  1. Ami me gusta la cajera de ese lugar la chaparrita, la katracha, mamasita


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