Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mission statement

I'd like to say i'm on a mission from God but I'll leave that up to our President. The truth is I'm on a mission to find the perfect taco . Websters dictionary defines perfect as being without defect or blemish. The Bandini definition is a little different. My perfect taco may have a blemish or two but it will make up for it by taking me places that only a Carlos Castaneda novel can. Stay with me my friends...this is not an exercise in excess or illegal activity. It's a taco hunt and one which I hope to find that perfect moment where the soft corn tortillas and marriage of tender al pastor or carne asada and hot sauce come together with the hot sun shining down while the belly of heaven looks down approvingly. But until then my friends I will scavenge the Los Angeles streets for the great tacos of our fine city. From Long Beach to Downey to Echo park to El Monte no city is safe from the taco Bandini. I will come into your towns eat your tacos and then depending on how safe your neighborhood is floor it to 90 mph when I leave. Together we will find the great taco destinations of our fine city my friends and together we will undoubtedly become more fluent los angelenos for it. So send in your taco recommendations for I have my list of destinations but I am just one person, your humble taco correspondent and I look to you for guidance.



  1. Sounds like something from the Blues Brothers:

    "we're on a mission from god!"

    But one of more taco-tastic proportions.

    I’m loving the Mexican food at the moment, so…

    … Good luck and God speed!!

  2. if you're in highland park, there's a shop called, "Taqueria, My Taco" on York, about a block east of Figueroa.. across from the market (used to be Beaches market or something) like that.. in the plaza with the locksmith. Across the street from the new Bicycle Doctor location that never opened.

    I used to go there almost every weekend, for abuot 2 or 3 years back in 94-97 or so. I haven't been there in the last 3 years, but their chicken is the best. Get chicken burritos, or the pollo asada plate. When I go, I usually buy a couple extra chicken burritos to take home and freeze, because I know live about 40 miles away from Highland park. Last time I went, it was still being run by the same family.

  3. thanks for the taqueria my taco tip. I was in highland park the other day and I saw this place. I didn't have time to stop as I was already late for an engagement but I will check it out.

  4. Hey Bandini,
    There are other places than the LA or Valley to find the absolute best Taco . .

    Check out the Carne Asada taco from Taqueria El Sabrosito in Bellflower, CA. Not only does this family owned "hole in the wall" create art, the hot sauce liberally squirted all over the meat and tortillas is simply heaven. This shop rivals the best tacos found in Tuscon, AZ.

  5. My friends and I are doin' a one day taco tour of Los Angeles tomorrow and researchin' up, your site is turnin' into quite the source. Thank you very much.

    Ifyou want to read up on that nonsense, you'll be able to read about it shortly afterwards on my personal blog, www.livejournal.com/users/henkion.

  6. So does Taco Bell count?

  7. Mouthwatering blog..
    Haven't lived in LA for 20 years but occasionally get up there. Love the fish tacos on Whittier Blvd, can't remember the name of the place..????
    El Arco Iris on York in Highland Park owned by the Montes family for 40 years serves the BEST chile verde burro in the world. My kids went to Europe and asked me to send them some! King Taco in Cypress..wipe your chin.
    Thanks for the great coverage. Get on out to Pico Rivera.

  8. Yo if you find yourself in Burbank check out Fiesta Taco on San Fernando Blvd. Amazing

  9. Yo if you find yourself in Burbank, check out Fiesta Taco on San Fernando Blvd. Fucking amazing

  10. Chemas tacos on Whittier Blvd
    about 1 east of the 605 on the left side near Tuxedo shop
    The best in the city
    Tacos only no burritos sopes tortas
    just taco

  11. If you're ever around the Whittier area, Chemas Tacos, on Whittier Blvd. is a must. Best Tacos in the area.

  12. I agree Chemas Tacos is the best. They stuff their tacos with meat!!

  13. If you're ever around the Whittier area, Chemas Tacos, on Whittier Blvd. is a must. Best Tacos in the area.

  14. So does Taco Bell count?

  15. Yo if you find yourself in Burbank, check out Fiesta Taco on San Fernando Blvd. Fucking amazing


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